Taking Blinders off your team

Not Your Typical Professional Development

Are you ready to transform your group of individuals into a high performing team?

Leadership in Uncertain Times...

Never has it been more critical that we communicate clearly and effectively, with compassion and clarity. Your team needs you to be the best possible leader you can be in the midst of this crisis. We’re here to support you with 100% virtual access to coaching and team workshops. But is LeadQuine the BEST company to help you? We don’t know yet! Reach out to help us understand your specific challenges, and we’ll let you know whether we are the best fit to help you or not. If we aren’t, we’ll recommend someone else.

Not Your Typical Professional Development

Taking Blinders off your team

Are you ready to transform your group of individuals into a high performing team? We can help.

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From Fortune 100 companies to small business owners

Working with Ellen as an Executive Coach is beneficial to my development as a leader. She truly listens and asks the right questions to guide introspection and help me dig below the surface on issues. She works with me to develop next steps and holds me accountable to following through to get things done. The skills she brings to the table go beyond coaching, she genuinely cares about my professional well-being and that is always clear in our interactionS."
Leanne Panduren, CEO & President
Rowe Professional Services

"Ellen’s approach is to guide the individual to talk through, think and come up with the solutions while at the same time providing direction. I found the sessions to be extremely helpful. I highly recommend Ellen and would not hesitate to work with her again."
Karen McBride
SunOpta Inc.

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