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Covid-19 update from leadquine

Never has it been more critical that we communicate clearly and effectively, with compassion and clarity. Your team needs you to be the best possible leader you can be in the midst of this crisis. We’re here to support you with 100% virtual access to coaching and team workshops. But is LeadQuine the BEST company to help you? We don’t know yet! Reach out to help us understand your specific challenges, and we’ll let you know whether we are the best fit to help you or not. If we aren’t, we’ll recommend someone else.

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Ellen has been my coach during my transition to a leadership position, where I am responsible for a team of 10 people. She guides me to identify, structure and address the gaps in my development as well as connect my leadership style to my team. I appreciate her open and honest approach as well as soft push & pull to get results without providing the ‘solution’ (easy way out) - that is something I have to come to on my own. We connect on a weekly basis which makes it easy to assess progress, address blocking points and identify together alternatives (solutions). Highly recommended.
Andreea G.

Ellen is awesome with communicating, by asking the right questions that has led to many AHA moments! She has helped me with setting goals which has directly caused an increase in sales and morale. Our weekly sessions can be categorized as must see tv and I would be lost if I was to ever miss an episode. I look forward to a long, ongoing working relationship with her.
Redic G
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