Taking Blinders off your team

Not Your Typical Professional Development

If you are looking for an experience you and your team will remember, you’ve come to the right place.

Gal Pal Get-Away Days

Flee to the farm

Tired of only connecting virtually? Craving some time to relax, reconnect in person, enjoy great food and drinks, and explore a serene beautiful space with your favorite friends? 

Join us for a “Gal Pal Get Away” at Wicked Walnut Farms in North Branch, just north of Lapeer. The goals of the day are simple—reconnect, breathe, relax with friends, enjoy the space, and great food. We’ll feature a different workshop each month for part of the day with plenty of time to wander and visit built in.

Not Your Typical Professional Development

Taking Blinders off your team

Whatever format fits your needs, your professional development is our only goal. Host a workshop at the location of your choice, or get off site for the day and come to our unique location for an unforgettable out-of-the-office experience. Your team will be challenged, energized, and ready for more by the end of the day.

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"Ellen is very passionate and knowledgeable about teaching leadership and team building. Hers is a unique and out of the box approach that allows the teachings to stay with you, long after the sessions are over. Highly recommended!"
Brian Bundeson
Bundeson Real Estate Team

"Ellen’s approach is to guide the individual to talk through, think and come up with the solutions while at the same time providing direction. I found the sessions to be extremely helpful. I highly recommend Ellen and would not hesitate to work with her again."
Karen McBride
SunOpta Inc.

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