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Wrap It Up

Have you ever noticed how we ask, “Where do I start?” but rarely ask, “How do I end?” I’m not talking about life, of course, just to be clear. I’m talking about communicating. It’s especially tricky when we’re in the spotlight. Making a presentation, giving a speech, or even sometimes an update in a meeting. …

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The One-Two Punch

A couple weeks ago, I talked about the importance of bringing yourself and your experience into your communication. While examples from your own experience can bring dry information to life, sometimes they aren’t enough. If you’re communicating with a group of people, there are several personalities and possibly communication styles in the room. That’s when …

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Wound too tight blog nervous

Wound Too Tight

Many people feel some form of nerves before speaking. Those nerves can strike before giving a presentation in front of a large group. They can strike when having a difficult conversation with one person. Sometimes nerves feel like excitement. Sometimes they feel like hell. When that’s the case, it’s because we’re wound too tight. Even …

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