Cleaning the Downstairs

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When I was a kid, my mom was big on appearances. We lived in a two-story house. The main floor was the most critical to be clean in her judgment. She always called it “the downstairs”. Before any sort of gathering at our house, there was a frenzy. It was less about the actual cleanliness and more about the clutter. My mom had piles and stacks of papers all around, and we had to move everything out of sight before company came over. Cleaning the downstairs was about making sure the physical space was appealing.

I took some time off over the holidays. I hope you were able to, too. One of the important things on my list to do was to “clean the downstairs” of my business. I moved my office to another room a few months back. It was during a time of chaos and I hadn’t had time to really set up the space exactly how I wanted it. Papers have gathered in various spots out of the line of sight of my camera. Makeshift arrangements of monitors and equipment are getting on my nerves. And some of what was visible to the camera needed to go.

It was all about getting the physical space ready for the new year. When I started back this week, it was exciting to come into my office. Everything was at my fingertips. The bins are cleaned out, ready for new paperwork. My pictures are updated. Things are in order.

And now that that’s done, I can move onto the next part.

Cleaning the upstairs.

More on that next week.

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