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Take Your Blinders Off

Executive Coaching

Making the most of your best asset: You.

“I feel overwhelmed.”

“My team is not engaged.”

“I’m not getting the results I want.”

‘We’re stuck and it’s difficult to see how to make progress.”

“I’m not sure what kind of leader I want to be. Or how to become that.”

“I need to know what the team is working on but I don’t want to micro-manage them.”

“Our meetings are such a waste of time.”

“That person is incredibly hard to work with.”

“I just need a good sounding board.”

“I’m not sure I’m getting my point across the way I need to.”


We help with that. 

We know you’re already successful. But everyone gets stuck sometimes. New challenges emerge that you have to navigate. We can help you take your blinders off to see what’s getting in the way of being the kind of leader you want to be. You will be able to see the solutions more clearly and be ready to implement them with confidence.

Hear Real Feedback from Real Clients

From Fortune 100 companies to small business owners

"Working with Ellen as an Executive Coach is beneficial to my development as a leader. She truly listens and asks the right questions to guide introspection and help me dig below the surface on issues. She works with me to develop next steps and holds me accountable to following through to get things done. The skills she brings to the table go beyond coaching, she genuinely cares about my professional well-being and that is always clear in our interactions."
Leanne, CEO & President
Rowe Professional Services

"Ellen is supporting me to be a better manager, employee and human being through: Knowing myself—With Ellen’s insight, I am much more aware of my own capacities, strengths and ‘preferred ways of working’. This makes me realize why I communicate in the way I do, and helps me understand how my preferred style impacts others. Making the most—Ellen speaks to the inner me. She has made me think about my strengths, what makes me tick and why I do what I do. I cannot become a different person, colleague or manager – but insight into who I am and what I do best helps me see what ways I might adapt myself to engage better with colleagues (above and below). In it together—I regularly share with Ellen that what I need is an instruction manual for all of my colleagues, telling me which buttons to push to get the right cooperation. Alas, Ellen informs me it’s not so simple. Using the AcuMax Index tool, Ellen has given me a real understanding who my direct reports are as human beings – with all the people stuff they bring with them to the office."
Ashok, Director

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