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Compass Conversation

Why do people do the things they do, the way they do them?

AcuMax Index® Assessment & Goal Setting

AcuMax Index® assessment is designed to read your hard-wired nature and answer that question. After taking the two-question survey, you’ll be astonished by its accuracy. Gain relevant insights about why you respond to your environment (and the people in it). Ellen Patnaude, an expert certified with AcuMax Index® and a Professional Certified Coach, will guide you to create a personalized action plan for how to use the strengths of your profile while minimizing the limitations. The insights you gain in this session have application in every area of your life. Sign up today!

The Leadership Perspective Group Coaching Program

The Leadership Perspective Program consists of four courses. Join us for the full program or sign up for just the course(s) that suit your areas of interest. If you’re joining us for the full program, you can start with any course you like, as they are not pre-requisites for each other. 

Starting in 2023, all four courses will be available based on demand. Click the “Save me a Spot” button to get on the waiting list!

Course 1:

Leadership Perspective 
Next session starts
mid-January 2023

How do you think about leadership?

How do you engage with your team members and peer colleagues?

Do your actions match your words as consistently as you’d like?

“BUILDING Your Leadership Perspective” will get you the results you need to be even more successful in your role and prepare you for your next one. This course concentrates on the foundational principles of leadership from a new perspective. Wherever you are in leadership, this group coaching program will help you level up.

Course 2:

Leadership Perspective
Next session starts
mid-January 2023

Do your presentations engage & connect with your audience?

Are you as clear and concise as you can be?

Do you dread making presentations?

“SHARING Your Leadership Perspective” is designed to help both the presenter and the presentation become more effective, concise, and confident. Whether you present online or in-person, whether it’s for one person or 1,000, these proven techniques will help you hit the mark.

Course 3:

Leadership Perspective
Next session starts
mid-January 2023

How do your emotions influence your attitudes, behaviors, and habits?

How well do you think you are using your emotions to help you better lead?

How do others think you’re doing in this area?

“EXPANDING Your Leadership Perspective” will help you explore your emotional intelligence. Great leaders have great people skills. You will discover new ways to better connect, influence, and inspire others to drive higher performance and employee engagement.

Course 4:

CHALLENGING Your Leadership Perspective
Group sessions begin on October 10th.

How do you know what your team members really need from you?

Do you find yourself assuming too much?

How can you challenge your assumptions and achieve next level leadership?

“CHALLENGING Your Leadership Perspective” focuses on the role assumptions play in our communication habits. Assumptions lead to unmet expectations, which damage all types of relationships. Explore your own assumptive tendencies and practice ways to overcome them.

Individual Executive Coaching

Not getting the results you’d like from your interactions with your boss? Team members? Colleagues? Looking for support or a sounding board as a leader at the top? Everyone gets stuck sometimes. New challenges emerge that you have to navigate. I can help you take your blinders off and see what’s getting in the way of being the kind of leader you want to be. You’ll see the solutions more clearly and be ready to implement them with confidence.

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