Interactive Workshops

Not Your Traditional Team Building

Interactive Workshops

Not Your Traditional Team Building

Using the AcuMax Index® as a baseline to understand how and why we do what we do, each workshop takes a different perspective on advancing human interaction skills.

We have several interactive courses, all of which are described in detail below. Your team can learn in non-traditional ways through the following classes:

Workshops Available

interactive workshops by leadquine

Taking Blinders Off Your Team—Advancing Team Interactions

Give your team an opportunity to dedicate time to improving their interactions and culture. This course provides core principles for discussion and application to your team’s unique circumstances. The interactive itinerary includes activities and action plans to create your team’s collective and individual roadmap to greater success. A range of topic modules can be chosen, based on desired outcomes and time allotted.  Activities designed to engage your team reveal first-hand how their hard-wiring both helps and hinders them. Topic areas include:

  • Understanding your hard-wired communication style
  • How we accept ideas (or don’t)
  • Managing conflict
  • Increasing effective communication
  • Embracing differing work styles
  • Increasing appreciation for our diversity of styles & approaches
  • Discovering the devil in the details

“Think, Speak & Act like…” Series

…like a Leader
…like a Manager
…like a Team

What does it take to be successful in today’s workplace? Having the job title and the corner office aren’t enough. Even having expert technical skills will only take you so far. This course is designed to help you master the skills necessary to BE the leader, manager, and team member your company needs you to be. No matter if you are new to your position, aspiring to a promotion, or the CEO of the company, this course will challenge you to attain new levels of essential interaction skills. Offered as a two-day course, open enrollment for individuals is available in our scheduled sessions. Onsite classes for teams or individuals from the same company are available for booking. While we strongly recommend this as a two-day or four half-day course, modules are available to be customized for a half-day or one-day experience. Course topics include:

  • Understand the politics of your workplace
  • Build strategic relationships in the workplace
  • Distinguish your public life from your private life
  • Never run another ineffective meeting again!
  • Qualities of an effective leader, manager, and team
  • Speak like a leader—LeadQuine’s Laws of Clear Communication
  • How to make sure your visuals AID you—NOT overpower you
  • Attitudes and personalities—How do yours impact your effectiveness?
  • A wrinkle in time management—Calendaring for success
  • Create a plan of action for yourself and for your team

Lead like a Woman

In today’s political and cultural climate, more and more women are embracing our inherently unique style of leadership. We are slowly becoming more willing to speak out against our aggressors, and our voices are growing stronger. But as women, we are acutely aware of some of the challenges that are uniquely faced by women as they enter, advance in, and manage the workplace. And some of us want and need a female-only space where we can explore these topics together. This course is designed for women at any stage of their professional career. We’ll address a wide range of challenges faced by many women in the workplace, and explore ways to use our natural abilities and gifts as women to overcome them. This is not a men-bashing session to simply air grievances. It’s a space in which we can share experiences and best practices around a variety of topics with the goal of problem-solving, supporting, and respecting differences. This workshop is offered for individual enrollment as an off-site workshop. It was designed to be a full-day experience, but can be conducted in shorter modules.

  • Embracing your values
  • Understanding what motivates you and learning to act on it
  • How our self-talk rules our minds, motivations, and actions
  • Growing in confidence
  • Creating clear boundaries and seeking balance
  • How we present ourselves
  • Using our #MeToo experiences to fuel our growth
  • Creating your personal plan of action

Secrets to Exceptional Service

More and more, the customer experience is what drives businesses to either succeed or fail. In an increasingly digital age, human interactions and the experiences we have with our chosen places of business matter more and more. And yet, many businesses continue to focus more on the technical side of customer satisfaction, either forgetting or being unaware of how critically important the whole experience is for their clients.

In this workshop, designed for a full or half-day, your team will take a look at your customer base with the goal of increasing understanding of their experience, your processes around customer experience, and how to identify gaps. As with every workshop we facilitate, there will be plenty of interactive dialogue and activities which drive towards finding creative ways to increase effectiveness. Topics include:

  • “Mapping the Customer Experience” exercise
  • Understanding the customer experience
  • Evaluating our current practices to seek enhancement
  • Building behind-the-scenes customer service systems
  • Role play exercises to practice new techniques
  • Strategies for helping customer service culture spread

Food For Thought

Get astonishing insights into why people do what they do, the way they do it. Using the AcuMax IndexÆ tool as a guide, your team will share a lot of laughs as they learn how the members of the team accept ideas, process information, prefer to work, and make decisions. They’ll learn simple ways to improve their everyday interactions as they make their way through these challenges.

Upon completion, each participant will receive an electronic copy of their personal profile with recommendations for how to best interact with their team members, and detailing the analysis shared in the workshop.

Designed to be conducted over a meal, this seminar can give new meaning to the concept of a “working lunch” as your team chews over the new information, digests how they individually operate, and share insights into simple ways they can help each other improve.

Present Your Best

Public speaking is something at which people almost universally feel they could improve. For some, there is a fear factor and speaking in front of others brings on attacks of nerves, nausea and feelings of inadequacy. For others, the discomfort is not the primary issue, but rather there is a desire to become more concise, persuasive, or entertaining. Whatever your motivation, Present Your Best is a unique course open to individuals who have one thing in common – the wish to improve their presentation skills.

Anyone can develop the ability to speak in public and make stronger presentations with more confidence and impact. With recorded, incremental practice, participants will see their own progress in adopting new presentation skills and styles over this two-day course. (Can also be done in four half-day sessions.) Those with upcoming presentations are encouraged to work on them in class. Step-by-step, participants will gain mastery over some of the most overwhelming aspects of public speaking, for example:

  • Tools and practical techniques for anxiety reduction
  • Define your purpose, know your audience, and connect them
  • Increase your credibility and persuasiveness
  • Find your voice – how your personality impacts your style
  • Learn to handle the unexpected without breaking a sweat
  • How to make sure your visuals aid you – NOT overpower you
  • Ways to quickly design the outline of any presentation
  • Ways to make the presentation more engaging and exciting for your audience
  • The best use of the PowerPoint slides
  • Gestures, movements, and presence in front of the room
  • Additional points of coaching and guidance relevant to improving the overall quality of each participant’s presentation

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