Interactive Workshops

Not your typical team skill building

Interactive Workshops

Not your typical team skill building

Is your team great at the technical parts of their job but struggling to work as effectively together as they could? Do your managers manage as confidently as they could? Do you simply want to invest in your team’s ongoing success and give everyone a little boost and chance to hone their skills? One of our highly-acclaimed facilitated workshops might be for you.

Using the AcuMax Index® as a baseline to understand how and why people act and react the way they do, each workshop takes a different perspective on ways you can advance team interactions and effectiveness. In addition to our “off the shelf” options, we specialize in creating custom workshops for our clients. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Not a problem. We can probably create it for you. And if we can’t, we’ll tell you that, too. To learn more, click on one of the workshops listed below.

Workshops Available

Interactive Virtual Workshops Facilitated by LeadQuine

Think, Speak & Act like a Leader

THINK like a Leader

How do you think about leadership? What’s your own style? How does your mindset help you? How does it hurt you? How do you think about your role as a team leader? What about your role as part of a management team?

SPEAK like a Leader

How do you balance micro-management against giving enough feedback? How do you engage with your team members and peer managers? How do you express empathy while still holding someone accountable? How do you adjust your style when managing a remote team?

ACT like a Leader

Who controls your calendar? How do you make sure you’re available and still get everything done? How do you interact with your peer managers and upper level management? How can you manage effectively in a remote environment?

The Leading Edge—Innovative Approaches to Management

Take your team’s performance to the next level through becoming a Coaching Leader. Learn to apply the stages of Project Planning. Use Project Coordination techniques to increase agility and improve results. Explore ways to put it all together, evaluate your experiences, and apply lessons learned.

Using your team’s actual experience, we will create Case Studies to use in the group sessions. Your team will be able to apply what they are learning to their specific situations as part of the course and receive coaching feedback to support their success.

Taking Blinders Off Your Team—Advancing Team Interactions

Why do people do what they do, the way they do it?

Ever wonder why it’s just easier to communicate with some people than others? Do you want to understand what makes the members of your team tick? Each member of your team, as well as your team as a group, has preferred ways of communicating, making decisions, accepting new ideas (or not), and processing information. With just two questions, we can help you unlock the secrets to how your group is hard-wired to succeed. We’ll share insights specific to working with your team just as effectively when working remotely.

Lead like a Woman

In today’s political and cultural climate, more and more women are embracing our inherently unique style of leadership. We are becoming more willing to speak out against our aggressors, and our voices are growing stronger. As women, we are acutely aware of some of the challenges that are uniquely faced by women as they enter, advance in, and manage the workplace. And some of us want and need a female-only space where we can explore these topics together.

This course is designed for women at any stage of their professional career. We’ll address a wide range of challenges faced by many women in the workplace and explore ways to overcome them. This is not a men-bashing session to simply air grievances. It’s a space in which we can share experiences and best practices around a variety of topics with the goal of problem-solving, supporting, and respecting differences.

Present Your Best

Do your presentations always hit the mark? Are you as clear & concise as you can be? Do you dread making presentations?

Present Your Best™ is designed to help both the presenter and the presentation become more effective, concise, and confident. Whether you present online or in-person, these proven techniques will help you hit the mark.

Learn + Practice + Coaching

= Building New Skills

Hear Real Feedback from Real Clients

From Fortune 100 companies to small business owners

"Ellen is a born teacher and communicates in a clear and positive manner easily understood by those she works with. I also enjoy her sense of humor which adds to the whole experience. My company SunOpta Inc. engaged Ellen to conduct four leadership training sessions for our manufacturing facilities. Employees participating in the sessions found them to be valuable time spent. We are continuing to use her for further leadership development for our teams."
Karen, Director
SunOpta Inc.

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