July Farm Update

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A four-and-a-half-acre pasture? Ten new laying hens? Goat Yoga?!? Why not??!!

These are just three of the things which have been under way here at Wicked Walnut Farm, home of LeadQuine’s herd. We decided to turn our “hay” field into a massive pasture for our horses, and shuffle everyone else around. Building the pasture has been time consuming, hot, intensive labor, and we are making progress. It feels very slow because we are impatient to get the horses out onto the grass. But with the complete lack of rain for several weeks and intense heat, coupled with very busy schedules, we’ve accepted what progress we’ve been able to make. Dani’s attention to detail is paying off, and the fence is going in very nicely. Fingers crossed, we’ll be telling you it’s done this time next month!

We got ten “straight run” chicks back in March. For those not familiar, that means they hadn’t been sexed, so we didn’t know how many would be hens and how many would be roosters. Turns out we split them down the middle and got five of each. The three young Bantam hens and two young Barred Rock hens have been integrated into the flock successfully, and the five young roosters found a new home. We have been getting more requests for our farm fresh eggs, so we also acquired five laying Easter egger “puffy cheeks” hens from our good friends at Runner Creek Farm. They’ve been laying beautiful blue eggs.

Another new partnership for us this month has been with In2Yoga in Lapeer! Owner Lisa Madden and I have gotten to know each other through networking in the Lapeer Chamber over the past couple of years. We were meeting to catch up earlier this summer, we decided to offer Lapeer’s first Goat Yoga class! It will take place here at Wicked Walnut Farm on Saturday, August 11. Registration is required (no exceptions), so follow the link to sign up if you’re interested. The session will feature our three babies born here on the farm back in late April, and possibly a few others. It promises to be fun, funny, and entertaining!

So as you can see, it’s been a busy month here on the farm. We love it, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest stuff we’re doing. Comment back to us and let us know what YOU’RE doing, too!

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