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Philanthropic Team Building

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Sometimes a team just needs to have fun together and wants to do that while giving back to your community in a meaningful way. Philanthropic Team Building workshops offer the opportunity to do both in one two-hour workshop!  

Build-A-Bike®, Rescue Bear, a-MAZE-ing Builders and Ace Race® are registered trademarks of The Leader’s Institute, LLC. LeadQuine is an authorized licensee.

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Build-A-Bike®, Rescue Bear, a-MAZE-ing Builders and Ace Race® are registered trademarks of The Leader’s Institute, LLC. LeadQuine is an authorized licensee.


One of the most celebrated and recognized team building workshops of all time! Put your team through a series of challenges to earn the parts they need to assemble bikes for kids. And of course, solving those puzzles is not the most challenging part of the experience. Once the bikes are assembled and checked for safety, we partner with a local children’s organization to get them to kids who wouldn’t otherwise have a new bike of their own. It’s an experience your team will cherish for years to come!

Ace Race®

This workshop takes the idea of competition in the workplace to a new level. Building a mini putt-putt golf course out of non-perishable food goods, your group will compete to see which team can complete the challenging course first. Lots of laughs, cheers, and jeers lead the way to the food being donated at the end to a local food bank, helping feed families in need across the region.

Rescue Bear®

Using your team’s hard-wiring to help them complete puzzles and challenges designed to capitalize on their strengths, this workshop gives participants a chance to get in touch with their “fuzzy” side. As challenges are completed, participants will use their “winnings” to assemble and dress an assortment of stuffed animals. We will partner you with a local children’s organization to make sure these adorable “friends” find good homes.

a-MAZE-ing Builders®

Obstacle courses are challenging, but you’ve never experienced ones like these! Your team will navigate a series of courses to collect items to donate to a charitable partner of your choosing. Our favorite partners for this program are animal rescue organizations, or pre-schools. And of course, there’s a twist… creativity in communication, trust between team mates, and a little bit of a race against the clock creates a high energy, hilarious experience!

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