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Certified Executive Coaching

Take Your Blinders Off

Moving up in your company? Looking to hone your skills or develop new ones? Just need a sounding board who can give you objective feedback and help create insights? Our Executive Coaching services might be a good fit for you.

Our coaching program is designed to take stock of your hard-wired strengths and limitations, ask the hard questions to get you to break out of old ways of thinking, and work with you to execute small, nuanced changes which will lead to tremendous growth over time. We have all the bells and whistles of a traditional executive coaching program delivered in the unique style of Certified Executive Coach and LeadQuine co-founder, Ellen Patnaude. This is six months of conversations whose impact you’ll never forget.

"Ellen has been my coach during my transition to a leadership position, where I am responsible for a team of 10 people. She guides me to identify, structure and address the gaps in my development as well as connect my leadership style to my team. I appreciate her open and honest approach as well as soft push & pull to get results without providing the ‘solution’ (easy way out) - that is something I have to come to on my own. We connect on a weekly basis which makes it easy to assess progress, address blocking points and identify together alternatives (solutions). Highly recommended."
Andreea, Director

Interactive Workshops

Not your typical team skill building

Is your team great at the technical parts of their job but struggling to work as effectively together as they could? Do your managers manage as confidently as they could? Do you simply want to invest in your team’s ongoing success and give everyone a little boost and chance to hone their skills? One of our highly-acclaimed facilitated workshops might be for you.

Using the AcuMax Index® as a baseline to understand how and why people act and react the way they do, each workshop takes a different perspective on ways you can advance team interactions and effectiveness. In addition to our “off the shelf” options, we specialize in creating custom workshops for our clients. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Not a problem. We can probably create it for you. And if we can’t, we’ll tell you that, too.

"On behalf of the whole HCV Performance and Execution team, I want to thank you for the program you put together and facilitated for us. Every aspect of our time together was enlightening and engaging – and quite a bit of fun! You enabled us to learn so much more about us as a team, pushed our boundaries a bit but kept us (mostly) comfortable in doing so, and provided a forum in which we had the most amazing experience together. Your facilitation skills and personable approach were very effective in delivering this program. You took the positive experience you gave us last year to new and even more meaningful levels. Based on the feedback I have already heard – and my own reactions – I am confident that every one of us that participated walked away with a better sense of the value of our diversity and the comfort of our similarities. Thank you again for all your efforts to deliver this program!"
Lisa, Vice President
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Get Aways

Unique Experiences on the Farm
Want to get outside and into nature for a while? Looking for something completely different? Yearning for a meaningful experience that is more than a nice walk in the woods? Unconventional and unforgettable experiential learning opportunities await you at LeadQuine’s home base, Wicked Walnut Farm. Dress for the weather and come to the farm. Choose from one of our highly-acclaimed workshops with horses, join a session of goat yoga, or design your own get-away experience with friends or co-workers. Surround yourself with the tranquil beauty of our 22 acres, featuring a variety of seasonal activities, drinks by a warm bonfire, and all kinds of farm animals waiting to sniff you. Come immerse yourself in an amazing experience and see for yourself.

"My girlfriends and I are always looking for out-of-the-box activities to do together. When I saw LeadQuine’s promotion for goat yoga last summer, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to participate in this unique experience. Three of us headed out to the farm together to enjoy a relaxing morning of goat yoga followed by farm to table brunch. What we thought would just be something fun to do ended up being something we will never forget, and still talk about to this day. We had so much fun with the baby goats, but what we enjoyed the most was the chance to reconnect in great conversation over an incredible breakfast and mimosa spread. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is interested, whether you are a regular yoga practitioner or not. There’s something to be said about enjoying a relaxing morning on the farm with your closest friends, and making new ones along the way. Thank you so much to Ellen, Dani and team for your incredible hospitality!"
Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce

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